Meet The Students

Heriberto Aguayo, is a self-motivated Junior attending Round Lake High School. You may not know him that well because he likes to stay to himself but although he stays to himself, he’s greatly involved in his Production class. He likes to improve himself and learn new ways to make what he does better by watching tutorials. The key to success isn’t easy, but it’s always better to start sooner than later. Heriberto hopes to make Graphic Design his full-time career. He wasn’t always sure on what to do with is life after High School but he was always amazed about how people can manipulate images and turn them into something extraordinary. He wanted to do the same thing as well, so he joined Graphic Design when he was a Sophomore. That small step is what started the big jump.

Hazel Pineda, is a Junior at Round Lake Senior High School. Hazel is a graphic aide for the digital arts program and designs jewelry and products along with the students enrolled in the class. After high school, she plans to study early childhood development at College of Lake County. She gets really nervous when getting her picture taken.

Jorge Bello, is a Junior at Round Lake High School had zero experience in design theory and software before coming into the class. He worked hard and quickly did his best to learn everything he could to get his work completed and done correctly. He wants to become an Auto Diesel Mechanic and will be going to Ohio Technical College to accomplish his goals. He does not want to stop there, he wants to go to College of Lake County to be a police officer.


Oscar Vargas, is a Junior at Round Lake High School. Not only is he part of the Production class but he also serves as a hardworking digital arts aide.  After completing High School he wants to start a design business specializing in branding and identity design. He plans to learn more about design by pursing a degree at Tribeca Flashpoint College located in downtown Chicago. Oscar's hobbies include working on art, playing the card game "Magic The Gathering", and eating food. He also loves pandas and playing on his ps4.

Maria Paniagua, is a Senior at Round Lake High School, and is a part of Mrs. Varela’s Production Graphics class. After high school she wants to attend Joliet Junior College to obtain her Associates in Veterinary Technology. She sees the world as a place where you have to work hard in order for your dreams to come true and accept whatever life gives you. Her hobbies are horse back riding and dancing. The design work she has done has impacted her life by increasing her imagination and creativity skills.

Sebastian Kretsch, is a tall but humble giant. He enjoys gaming, sports, eating and of course, sleeping. He is a Sophomore at Round Lake High school and after he graduates he wishes to become an Electrician after attending Trade School. He loves animals, especially dogs and snakes.